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In particular we highlight two themes. The first is fundamental conceptual analysis and contributions to theoretical models. Such developments are currently required to constructively explain the characteristics of haptic and audio based interaction and how to best integrate these two modalities. The second is situated field evaluations. Mobile applications are a key domain for haptic and audio interaction, but the utility of traditional lab-based studies in such scenarios is in doubt. It is unclear whether interfaces which work well in the lab are suitable for use in everyday life. Contributions addressing these two issues are especially encouraged.


Contributions are welcomed in (but not limited to) the following areas (please note that in all of these areas both theoretical and empirical approaches are encouraged):

Novel haptic, audio and multimodal interfaces and interactions
Evaluating multimodal interactions, especially in real contexts
Design principles for multimodal user-interfaces
Multimodal visualisations
Affective roles of haptics and audio in interaction
Cross-modal interactions
Auditory and haptic displays for visually impaired people
Safety critical multimodal applications (monitoring, controlling, alarming) Designing haptics and audio for touch screen
Multimodal gaming and entertainment
Interaction in physical exercise
Collaborative multimodal systems
Mobile multimodal interactions
Emulation and simulation of real world with audio-haptic design
Novel systems and interactions using other modalities (e.g. taste, smell)

For printable (pdf) version of call for papers, click Call For Papers


Antti Pirhonen
University of Jyväskylä
email: pianta(at)jyu.fi